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Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy

B.F. Skinner




Albert Bandura




Arnold A. Lazarus

(b. 1932)




  • To eliminate maladaptive behaviors & learn more effective behaviors.

  • To identify factors that influence behavior & find out what can be done about problematic behavior.

  • To encourage clients to take an active & collaborative role in clearly setting treatment goals & evaluating how well these goals are being met.



    Key Concepts:

    • Focus is on overt behavior, precision in specifying goals of treatment, development of specific treatment plans, & objective evaluation of therapy outcomes.

    • Present behavior is given attention.

    • Therapy is based on the principles of learning theory.

    • Normal behavior is learned through reinforcement & imitation.

    • Abnormal behavior is the result of faulty learning.  



    • Theories:

      • Behavior is the product of learning. People are both the product & the producer of the environment.

      • Traditional behavior therapy is based on classical & operant principles.

      • Contemporary behavior therapy has branched out into many directions. For example, Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a popular theoretical orientation among psychologists. 




      • Other Techniques:

        • Reinforcement

        • Shaping

        • Modeling

        • Systematic Desensitization

        • Relaxation Methods

        • Flooding

        • Eye Movement

        • Desensitization Reprocessing

        • Cognitive Restructuring

        • Assertion & Social Skills Training

        • Self-Management Programs

        • Mindfulness & Acceptance Methods

        • Behavioral Rehearsal 

        • Coaching

        • Various Multimodal Therapy Techniques

        • Diagnosis determine a treatment plan.

        • Questions include: what, how or when (not why).

        • Homework assignments


      Bobo Doll Experiment 





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