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                                         Sigmund Freud  ( 1856-1939 )

                Alfred Alder and Carl Jung worked with Sigmund Freud.




The Goals of this Therapy are:

  • To make the unconscious conscious.     
  • To reconstruct the basic personality.
  • To assist clients in reliving earlier experiences & working through repressed conflicts.
  • To achieve intellectual & emotional awareness.

                                                    Key Concepts:

  • Anxiety

  • Consciousness & the Unconscious

  • Development of Personality

  • Ego-Defense Mechanisms 

  • Structure of Personality

  • View of Human Relations  


The Theories of Psychoanalysis are:

Sigmund Freud established the theory of personality, a philosophy of human nature, and a method of psychotherapy that concentrates on all of the unconscious factors that may motivate behavior. He believed that a human's first 6 years of one's life are the determinants of that person's later personality development. 





  • Other Techniques are:

    Dream Analysis

  • Free Association

  • Analysis of resistance



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