Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feminist Therapy

*The Feminist Therapy does not have a single founder.

Jean Baker Miller, MD



 Carolyn Zerbe Enns, PhD




Olivia M. Espin, PhD



Laura S. Brown, PhD







  • To bring about transformation both in the individual client & in society.

  • To assist clients in recognizing, claiming, & using their personal power to free themselves from the limitations of gender-role socialization.

  • To confront all forms of institutional policies that discriminate or oppress on any basis. 





    Key Concepts:

    • The main principles are is that the personal is political, therapists have a commitment to social change, women's voices, ways of knowing are valued, & women's experiences are honored.

    • The counseling relationship is egalitarian, therapy focuses on strengths & a reformulated definition of psychological distress, & all types of oppression are recognized. 





      • The constructs of feminist therapy include being gender fair, flexible, interactionist, & life-span-oriented.

      • Gender & power are the heart of feminist therapy.

      • This is a systems approach that recognizes the cultural, social, & political factors that contribute to an individual's problems.

      • The personal is political.

      • Commitment to social change.

      • Women's & girl's voices & ways of knowing are valued & their experiences are honored.

      • The counseling relationship is egalitarian.

      • A focus on strengths & a reformulated definition of psychological distress.

      • All types of oppression are recognized.

        Other Techniques:

        • Employ consciousness-raising techniques aimed at helping clients recognize the impact of gender-role socialization on their lives.

        • Gender-role analysis & intervention

        • Power analysis  intervention

        • Demystifying therapy

        • Bibliotherapy

        • Journal writing

        • Therapist self-disclosure

        • Assertiveness training

        • Reframing & relabeling

        • Cognitive restructuring

        • Identifying & challenging untested beliefs

        • Role playing

        • Psychodramatic methods

        • Group work

        • Social action

          Feminist Theory


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